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Player name: Meraxa/Jonny
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Character name: (OC) Kentaro Torao
Source canon: Dawn Of Miracles SolSavior
Community tag: ken_torao
Do I want a HMD: Now that I know what one is, yes. I’ll probably get paranoid as heck, but seems necessary.


Background: Kentaro Torao is a ninja.

And his parents are ninjas who once piloted giant robots.

This is a thing, and undoubtedly needs a bit of backing up in order to explain, specifically, by about seventeen years. At that time, three years into the rise of invasive threats against the Solar System, an enemy known as ‘the Void’ began its third incursion against the solar system and its inhabitants, rallied under the flag of the dastardly Ebon Corsairs. Faced by a band of evil pirates, Solaris, guardians of the Earth against this threat, sought the aid of what would, naturally, be the greatest foe to any of Blackbeard’s legacy…
Specifically, they called upon the Torao clan, who long ago had somehow developed the means to harness the inner energies of the body – that which they call ‘ki’ – which, as ultimately derived from the Sun, would be the bane of the Ebon Corsairs.

The heir to the clan, one Tora Torao, was chosen to be the pilot of the newly developed SolShinobi, his skills in both the ninja arts and his ki making him the prime candidate for the task. Week in and week out for a year, he thwarted plots against the leaders of industry and politics by the dastardly pirate band, whilst undertaking tasks of subterfuge to undermine the invasion, either of which would invariably end up in a giant monster fight, and sometimes it happened without even the former two occurrences. But, the Torao clan was not without other enemies to complicate this strange conflict.
Enter, the Kohakuryu clan, sworn foes of the Torao’s, with blood oaths that dated back centuries dedicated to bringing down the foes that had bested them many times in the days of old. Their clan heir, Ryuko, attempted to kill her opposite many times in spite of the greater threat to the Earth, including one dramatic ‘episode’ where she managed to infiltrate Solaris’ headquarters and almost ended Tora’s life as he slept.
But, strange as it sounds, the foul cursing and cries of vengeance began to grow softer and muted as the weeks drew on. The two were impressed by each other, both in physicality and in wit, and an attraction grew. When Ryuko hijacked SolShinobi’s sister machine, SolKunoichi, in order to save Tora’s life, the facts became clear – the two were in love.

Partners in battle and outside it, Tora and Ryuko brought a seeming end to the Ebon Corsairs in a spectacular final bout, announcing their retirement from combat after…
Because they would have a child to raise.
This is where Kentaro enters in, a child born of two clans, and a living embodiment of the fact that old hatchets would have to be laid to rest in future. In order to ensure his protection from potential dissidents in either side, and to avoid untoward implications of favouritism, rather than be raised in the traditional households of either clan, Kentaro was instead taken to a modern day metropolis. Yes, the heir to two ninja clans was to be given an ‘ordinary’ lifestyle, or at least as close as he could get.

This ultimately had mixed results, especially as neither Tora or Ryuko themselves had all too much understanding on how to raise a child ‘normally’. With strange mannerisms of climbing improbable places, shadowing people he ‘liked’ and outlandish tales of his parents, Kentaro’s early school life was one of an outcast, unable to fit in and without parents who had the ability to guide him into adjusting. It was thus also during these days that he most stuck to his training under his parents in their forest home, the only outlet for his frustrations and the one thing he truly enjoyed. And as a first, he was taught the basics of martial arts in both the Torao and Kohakuryu styles, as though ninjas are masters of stealth and precision above all else, they must nevertheless be able to defend themselves.

But, just as the circumstances that led to Kentaro’s birth broke from tradition, so too would his growth into teenage years. Fuelled by exposure to current trends and a wide community to engage with, rather than a closed circle of those long familiar with the way things were, Kentaro began to grow distant from both his parents and his training, as he began to better integrate with schoolmates and society as a whole. He traded in weapons training for musical arts, hunting in the woods for camping and exploration, and following targets for making girlfriends. He began to, much to the shock and surprise of his parents, become an ordinary teen, and it became a point of contention between the three. Accusations of breaking from tradition, hypocrisy, and refusal to see each other’s point of view became increasingly abound in the house, which some might call normal of being a teen, but when you and your parents have ninja abilities, that can make things a lot more tense.

Ultimately, things came to a head after a rather bad argument saw Kentaro storm out of the house, claiming it’d be much better if they just gone from his life entirely. Naturally, he was being hyperbolic, and after a night of venting and frustration at a friend’s, he calmed down enough to return home for an apology…
Only to find home utterly abandoned.
At first he thought maybe his parents had simply gone out to get food from a store or something like that, but as the hours and days passed, it slowly dawned on him that, no, they were really gone. He searched the entire house and found no trace or sign that could indicate just where it was his parents had gone – they had simply abandoned him for the sake of it, it seemed. Not wanting to be taken in as an orphan by the State, but even moreso wishing to avoid the nightmare that would be explaining to his grandparents and the clans just where their heirs had gone, Kentaro did what any rebellious teenage son does.

He ran away from home – not like his parents could claim any better, after all.

Kentaro survived mostly by putting to use skills that he had seemingly laid to rest some time ago, stealing food, money, and so forth as he needed them, and sneaking aboard transport as the distances necessitated. At an initial glance, and as he would claim, his path is now simply wherever the wind and his whims take him, leading the life he wants to however he wants. But it’ll be quite curious where he ends up…

Original canon background: Check it out in Mizuki’s app, here.
Personality: Kentaro is on first impressions a fair bit passive-aggressive, likely to snark or express some minor annoyance in his tone towards people, especially if they ask a question he finds silly. Certainly, he is rough around the edges, likely to only at first be lenient with those to whom he is either familiar, or has to disarm – ie, someone who seems ‘innocent’ will get a softer touch out of him. He tends to be focused more upon personal interests than anything else, including his training, mostly due to a recently arisen determination to see his goals and ideas through. In particular, he does not wish to be unfavourably compared to his parents – who could not even see through raising their only son – and so now strives to be ‘better’ than them in most immediate comparisons, even if there is little immediate benefit to this point.

For good and for ill, this can make him stupidly stubborn, in both his opinions and his actions. He will defend his actions however he can, and if backed into a corner, is more likely to try and change the subject than admit defeat. Shifting his personal views is similarly difficult, even in cases where they are contradictory – such as thievery and underhanded tricks, in spite of his being a ninja by lineage. He is however ultimately a noble sort, quick to defend the innocent and even quicker to punch wrongdoers in the face, aided by his training. Indeed, he’ll even lend a hand to those who haven’t necessarily asked for his help, and then try to hide his involvement where possible, both out of embarrassment and out of slight paranoia for where and when he might screw up.

Really, the main problem with Kentaro is his frustration with his parents, and since he has little proper means to vent that frustration, it spills over into the rest of his behaviour – even where he would otherwise be relatively fine. He’s not really above basic humour, fictional interests, sport, or even almost schoolyard-like crushes on girls, he just is too annoyed in general to let himself so freely admit to those sorts of things anymore. Probably the most shocking thing you would find from the so called ‘tough guy’, is the he fact hides a deep, abiding love of nature – he was raised in a forest after all – and thus is a very keen gardener, along with being generally quite literate in herbology.

J-Just don’t tell anyone, okay?

Capabilities and Resources: As mentioned previously, Kentaro was trained for several years by his parents to be a ninja. And whilst he’s a little rusty, he’s been undergoing self-training since he left home in order to try and get back up to speed. Thus, at what could be considered a ‘base level’, he is in greater shape than the average human being, flexible and fairly strong for someone his age. He has a mild theoretical understanding of many types of weapons, and knowledge of how to use a much more limited range, mostly within ‘traditional’ weaponry with which the ninja have been familiar for centuries. Able to pick locks and sneak his way past most conventional security with the right tools, Kentaro is fairly capable at stealth, if not entirely beyond basic blunders and forgetting that the modern era is pretty damn complex.

His strangest and least utilised skill however, is the manipulation of ki, as outlined in both Torao and Kohakuryu texts that he keeps on his person. It’s a strange art developed in a time and place long forgotten, but can be generally summed up as using energies locked within the body to unlock a greater potential. At its most basic levels, one enhances the performance of the body for brief instances, such as for heightened speed or an inhumanly strong punch, with a faint glow around them as their ki ‘leaks’ from being released. At its most powerful, it is said that one can deliberately release their ki in focused, controlled charges, but Kentaro is very, VERY far from such a thing, if ever possible. Right now, he can hardly unlock his ki for even a few seconds, without then needing to rest like he’s had a massive workout.

Type: Combatant

Unit Name: ScarleTiger
Unit Description:
Take A Look

The first new machine that Solaris has completed in a long time, ScarleTiger represents the first steps into several unknown territories for the recovering organisation, as well as progress towards a return to form. At twenty metres tall, and originally intended as a standalone fighting machine, ScarleTiger is a flexible and fairly powerful unit for its size, particularly in the realms of physical performance. However, recent events have seen much of it reworked in order to function as a support unit for the more immediately combat ready DuskBird, resulting in some similar design philosophies, though many differences remain.

As a result, its most notable feature is a tri-form transformation system, utilising the fluid yet sturdy frame to be able to change shape significantly. The first, and most obvious form, is the machine’s humanoid shape, dubbed Stand Up Mode. This partly derives from the fact that this is actually part of what the pilot inside must do – stand up, in order to lock into a state of the art motion capture rig, based on many existing designs, that allow the pilot to move ScarleTiger as if it were their own body. Whilst it has numerous innovations and features designed to reduce the physical and mental strain and make a single pilot’s control possible, it is still a highly demanding system requiring much strength from the driver, limiting potential candidates by quite some number. If one can master it however, they will find themselves commanding a machine that is flexible and quick on its feet, whilst still being strong and decently armed.

Its main armament is the Scarlet Whip, a prehensile whip capable of lighting up in flame to heat and potentially melt a target that it manages to coil around, intended for incapacitation and tool use. However, should ScarleTiger be in need of more slice and dice, it can either deploy its Scarlet Shotels, blades which it has typically mounted as ‘shoulder fins’, and superheated to better cut at close range, or perhaps utilise the Kenkama. The ‘Kenkama’, which in reality is not its full designation of Scarlet Whip: Kusarigama Extension, is where by plugging the end of the Scarlet Whip into one of the Scarlet Shotels, the blade can subsequently be wielded from afar on the end of the whip, whilst also as a potential hook. Its final weapon, Face Flame, is a fiery inferno unleashed straight from the face - somewhat as the name implies. Though energy exhausting, it is the longest ranged, and arguably most powerful of ScarleTiger's individual abilities, delivering a stream of red hot flame hundreds of metres ahead.

After Stand Up Mode, ScarleTiger’s second form is Beast Mode, a transformation by which it becomes a giant mechanoid version of the big cat for which it is named. Reducing its weapon options to but teeth and claws, and the Face Flame, ScarleTiger gains increased movement speed – at least in hitting its stride – and greater mobility about uneven terrain, with climbing a particularly improved area, and even the ability to swim, in a rather pathetic doggy paddle. Perhaps the most astonishing thing, is that due to ScarleTiger’s center of gravity and balance, it can near always land on its feet by quickly shifting its body, so long as the pilot pays attention.

Its final form from there is the lower bearing, but still quite extraordinarily large Drive Mode, which is basically a giant car. Having really no weapon options available to it, the purpose of Drive Mode is plain and simple – go really fast. And that it can do quite well, with a cruising speed of several hundred miles an hour, and at ‘full burn’, can potentially exceed the speed of sound itself, though only in short bursts. This is because 'full burn' is a reworking of the Face Flame system, albeit with the power focused as functional nitro rather than a direct weapon.

Size: M
Terrain compatibility: Divided by SUM/BM/DM
Air: No/No/No
Ground: Yes/Yes/Yes
Water: No/Yes/No
Space: Yes, but lacks thrust/No/No
Favored terrain: Ground

SolSavior, which is here

Mission requirement: Not really, aside of maybe getting to deploy mid-mission to support Mizuki. Can just join in a thread otherwise
Suggested Event List:
Covered in Mizuki’s app, here

Sample post:
“Let me pilot it!”
A sudden scream broke the confused and uncertain silence that had begun to permeate the hangar bay, after the intended pilot had collapsed. Heads and eyes began to turn towards the source of this sound, and they found themselves gazing upon a messy, brown haired boy that had somehow managed to barge his way onto the scene. Most probably had no clue who he was, staring at them so fiercely and determined, but ultimately, Ken didn’t care. Rather than wait on a reaction that involved actual words or discussion, he instead rushed for the frame of the docking bay in which the twenty metre tall mechanoid sat, resulting in shock and surprise from those around. Many of the labcoat and overall wearing worker bees tried to stop his approach, but he ducked and leapt over them with relative ease, and even jumped off one’s back to kickstart his climb.

It didn’t compared to badly to other things he’d had to clamber up in the past, the crisscross nature of the design meaning he at least knew he had something to try and reach for. His advance was watched by those who could not follow, murmurs of just who he was or what in the world he was doing. He ignored them, and instead, once high enough, leapt aside, and landed on the blazing orange metal of the robot’s shoulder. With hardly a moment’s hesitation, he made his way across the angled surface, getting closer and closer to the cockpit, before finally, he was able to drop himself in. Looking around, he realised how much of this kind of thing was actually all alien to him, but nevertheless began to push what buttons he could. The start had to be here somewhere, right?

“You have to step back onto the two pedals there.”
Ken stared up, slightly surprised, to find that one of the labcoat people was talking to him, and actually showing him what to do. Without a word, Ken stepped back onto the pedals as instructed, and realising the connecting frame, raised his arms. Metal clamped around his limbs, and there was a surge through his body. Nothing too bad, but likely a warm up things to come.
“You’re Tora’s boy, right?”
…Nothing he couldn’t handle.
“The name’s Ken! Now show me how to get out there!” Because no way would he lose to his father.

(Testrun here


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